Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Swedish Postage Stamps issued May 14, 2009

New Stamps

Four new stamps were issued May 14th, 2009 the feature architectural wonders. One is for entertainment, one is for residential housing, one is for sports and one is for communications. All four stamps have the face value of 12 Kroner.

You will find Balder at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg. This wooden roller coaster has been voted the world’s best in its class on several occasions. Balder is just over one kilometer long and a ride lasts slightly longer than two minutes. Its maximum speed is 90 kilometers per hour and the first hill dips downward at a whopping 70 degrees.

Turning Torso is a spectacular residential building in Malmö that was drawn and constructed by Santiago Calatrava (read more about him on the next page). The building was opened in 2005 and is, 190 meters tall and contains 54 floors. Europe’s second highest residential building. The facade, which is a combination of aluminum and glass, is very complex since the twist means that it is double curved. The building is supported by a welded steel construction.

The Kaknäs tower in Stockholm is one of the capital’s most well-known landmarks. Reaching 155 meters off the ground, the tower was inaugurated in 1967. On a clear day, visitors who take the elevator up to the terrace on the 3oth floor will be met by a view that stretches almost sixty kilometers. The Kaknas tower was originally built for TV and radio communication but has become one of Stockholm’s most popular tourist attractions.

130.5 meters. That is the length of the longest jump recorded at the gigantic ski jump, Lugnet, in Falun, Sweden. The tower is 52 meters high, making it the highest outlook tower in the Dalarna region. Both the big and small ski jumps at Lugnet were finished in 1973 in conjunction with the inauguration of the National Ski Stadium (Riksskidstadion). The stadium holds 20,000 spectators.

Turning Torso Souvenir Sheet

The Souvenir Sheet was designed by Norbert Tamas based on a photograph by Pierre Mens and includes 4 Turning Torso stamps depicting one of the motifs from the Swedish Highlights issue on May 14, 2009 The printing total for this souvenir sheet is a low 20,000.

Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava is a world-renowned architect, engineer and sculptor. Already well-known in Europe for his unique design aesthetic, Calatrava is beginning to make a name for himself in the United States. Starting with the Milwaukee Art Museum, he has designed a number of public buildings and bridges in the U.S. in recent years. As both Engineer and Architect, his works take materials like concrete, glass and steel beyond the normal bounds. For more information of Mr Calatrava see

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