Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Republic of Kirbati issues Naval Aviation Set

The Pacific Ocean Island nation of Kirbati has issued a centenary of Naval Aviation set composed of four stamps and a Souvenir sheet. The 40 cent value features a Grumman Avenger while the 50 cent value shows us a Chance Vought Corsair. Illustrated on the 75 cent value is a Westland Whirlwind helicopter. The top value of the set a $1.25 cent stamp gives us a look at the McDonnel Douglas Phantom jet. The Souvenir sheet shows a picture of the Royal Navy’s HMS Ark Royal IV a 50,000 ton aircraft carrier. The stamp in this sheet has a value of $3.00. The stamps were designed by Tim O’Brian and Tim Callaway and printed by the BDT International Security Printing Company by the Lithography process on CASCO Crown watermarked paper. The first day of issue for this stamp set was May 12th , 2009. The Kirbati email address is Their website is at: The Islands of Kiribati (IE Tarawa, The Gilberts , The Phoenix an Line island groups) lay claim to a number of the bloodiest battles that were fought out in World War 2. Sixty years on and much of the evidence of these battles still remain available for travellers to view as a living museum of this part of history.

The Stamps

The Souvenir Sheet

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