Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taiwan issues World Games Commemorative issue

Founded in 1981, the International World Games Association (IWGA) is a non-governmental international organization constituted under Swiss law. Made up of international sports federations, the IWGA administers a quadrennial and multidisciplinary sports event. The first world games were held in
Santa Clara, USA in 1981. The subsequent games were hosted by
London, England; Karisruhe, Germany; the Hague in the Netherlands; Lahti, Finland;Akita, Japan; and
Duisburg, Germany. The eighth World Games will be held inKaohsiung, Taiwan from July 16 to 26, 2009. The Taiwan Post Office commemorates this grand sporting event, by issuing a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring the Kaohsiung Arena and the Main Stadium for the World Games. The stamps were designed by Hung-tu Ko and printed in color deep-etch offset by Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The Kaohsiung Arena is shown on the NT$5.00 stamp. The interior of the main structure of this arena, which is commonly known as the “small dome,” has a height of 40 meters, equivalent to a six-story building. This modernistic gym is equipped with standard Olympic facilities, making it a great venue for basketball and volleyball games as well as the 200-meter races held on an indoor track. On the lower right of the stamp are the mascots of the World Games 2009
Kaohsiung: Kao Mei and Syong Ge. Dressed in red and blue respectively, these “water spirit” babies have a water drop for a head. Their bodies will light up after absorbing solar energy with the little spheres on their heads. The design reflects a concern for international issues such as green energy and environmental protection.

The Main Stadium for the World Games is pictured on the NT$12.00 stamp. The Main Stadium was built to the standards of an IAAF (the International Association of Athletics Federations) Class I certified international sports stadium. The open-air design does away with the need for air conditioning. This avant-garde architecture will be the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Games 2009 Kaohsiung. On the lower right of the stamp is the games’ logo a stylized Chinese character Kao (as in Kaohsiung), “written” in a colorful and rhythmic flowing ribbon, resembling the beautiful shapes of athletes in competition. The design aims to convey the concepts of “harmony, friendship, rhythm, flight, progress and joy.” The character starts with bright orange and ends with blue, signifying the idea that Kaohsiung is a passionate sunny city as well as a dynamic harbor city.The souvenir sheet contains one of each of the stamps plus in the background one can see the city of
A first-day cover, stamp folders with and without crystal mounts, a loose-leaf stamp album page and a set of two maximum cards will be released along with the stamps, and will go on sale on July 14, 2009. souvenir sheetWorld Games Video" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]