Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Danish Artist Stamp to be issued Sept 9, 2009

The Danish Post Office will issue on Sept. 9, 2009 another of its famous Danish Artist Stamps. This latest stamp in the “Stamp Art” series features a work by Jes Fomsgaard called Houses in Motion. The painter and graphic artist Jes Fomsgaard was born in 1948. He made his debut in 1978, and spent his first few years as an artist mainly producing drawings and engravings. Today, Fomsgaard is best known for his large paintings and decorations of Danish educational institutions (Such as theFreeriksberg Upper Secondary School and the Life Sciences Hall at the University of Copenhagen) and commercial premises. Fomsgaard was Director of the Funen Academy of Fine Arts from 1992 to 1999, during which time he also chaired the Academy Council Jury. He also did a glass mosaic for Bolbro Church in Odense.

Fomsgaard’s early works were relatively small. He derived inspiration from regular trips to Spain and Italy, where the architecture had a particularly impact upon his artistic style. His graphic works are currently on display at Vejle Museum of Art. The artist has worked in a studio near Kerteminde for the last three decades. Around 1992, he realized that his graphics output had probably come to an end, and instead devoted his time to creating large-scale paintings. Fomsgaard, believes that cities are living organisms, which is why he called this work “Houses in Motion”. “When I paint, I’m interested in exploring the city’s anatomy,” he says. It was a challenge for Fomsgaard to create a work of art specifically for a stamp, as he usually works in such large formats. Even the original painting for the stamp measures 70 x 100 cm. On the left hand side of Fomsgaard’s stamp is a city square. On the right-hand side is a typical main street. From the upper-left corner, a church steeple casts a black shadow over the city. Some of the houses are opened up, inviting us to look inside. The artist believes that the limits of private space are a work in progress, and that the city’s public spaces are in perpetual motion. Fomsgaard has exhibited in many places over the years, both in Denmark and abroad, including three times in New York and several shows in Paris. He is currently busy getting a large number of images ready for the exhibition “Jes Fomsgaard: Incorporating Architecture” which will run in Chicago from September until Christmas of 2009. The artist has received a number of honorary awards in Denmark including the 2002 Eckersberg Medal.

This Multi colored stamp has a denomination of 5.50 Danish Kronor. The offset printed stamp has a size of 43.26 by 50.50 mm. The stamps will be produced in sheets of 20. Also available will be a sheetlet of nine which contains 8 stamps and a label in the center showing another pf the artists paintings entitled “In the Pale Moonlight”. The price of this sheetlet is 44.00DKK and the cost of a First Day cover with a single stamp is 8.13 DKK.

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