Tuesday, August 25, 2009

September Finnish Stamps feature Antiques, Paintings

Finland's Autumn stamps depict antiques, art and the northern lights

Finland’s Antiques stamp series will be continued on 9 September 2009 with a stamp depicting the Gustavian style. The 1st class stamps, which were designed by Pekka Piippo, show a Gustavian dressing table, a late Gustavian candlestick, and a clock made by Nils Berg of Stockholm. On the same date as the Antiques stamp, a six-stamp booklet on floral paintings and three Northern Lights self-adhesive coil stamps will also be issued. These are all 1st class non-value indicator stamps.The stamps in the Finnish Art II stamp booklet depict the following paintings: Snapdragons (1909, Lähivakuutus museum ) by HeLene Schjerfbeck; Burnet Roses (1911, Helsinki City Art Museum) by EeroJärnefelt; Amaryllis, (1948) by Birger Carlstedt; Blooming Irises (1940, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum) by Wäinö AaLtonen; Lone Calla, (1949, Hämeenlinna Art Museum) by Ester Hetenius and Still Life with Carnations, (1947, Finnish National Gallery) by Tuomas von Boehm. The booklet was designed by Kkaus Welp.

Video on Finnis Northern Lights:

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On the issue date of the stamps, 9 September, Finnish Stamp Day will be marked at 34 post offices around Finland. The day will feature special cancellations and small-scale stamp exhibitions. Each participating post office will sell Personalized stamps of a unique kind. Each of the Personalized stamps for each individual location will be produced in a series of one thousand.Further information about Finish stamps go to their website at: www.posti.fi.
Finally three self-adhesive coil stamps will be issued in rolls of one hundred stamps. All three stamps will be on the same on the roll which features views of the northern lights as well an aurora borealis crown. The stamps also bear map coordinates indicating the location at which they were shot. The stamps were designed by Timo Berry and the photographs are by Jouni Jussila. For more information on Finnish Northern Lights see