Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Swedish Stamp shows Swedish Astronaut and Spices

On September 24, Sweden Post will issue five new stamps that tell the story of Sweden's first astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, and his space voyage. He is slated to undertake a new expedition to the ISS space station during the fall. Also on September 24, stamps with six different spices that add zest to mealtimes will also be issued. "It's tremendously exciting and a genuine honor to appear on stamps. The pictures from the 2006 space voyage that Sweden Post selected are really excellent. They really are 'the right stuff'," says Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang.

The motifs of the Journey into Space stamps include the Discovery space shuttle, Christer Fuglesang on a space walk outside the international space station, ISS,and Christer Fuglesang's official astronaut portrait. The edge of Fuglesang's suit in the larger space walk stamp bears the micro text "My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender". The ABBA song, Waterloo, was a greeting via space control from Fuglesang's family to the crew. Stretching across the picture are embossed stars that form the shapes of well-known constellations. The stamps are arranged in two groups of five, which were then set at a 180 degree angle to one another - an ingenious method by designer Eva Wilsson to depict the weightlessness of space where up and down do not exist.

A small spice rack containing strong and mild spices is presented on six new stamps. All of the spices are excellent for cooking - and in one case indispensable: basil, a classic ingredient in all tomato dishes. More dill is used in cooking in the Nordic countries than perhaps anywhere else in the world. It has a natural place in fish, crawfish and other shellfish dishes. Rosemary has a sweet, fresh, strong flavor that perfectly complements pork, lamb and game. Chili can be both fresh and dried and today is found on the table in two-thirds of the world's households. It has a strong or even fiery flavor. Two members of the onion family have been included with the spices: garlic and chives. Pressed garlic adds a nice touch to stews, soups and gratins. The mild chive is a perfect ingredient in cold sauces.

The Facts about the September 24 stamp issues:

Journey into SpaceThe stamps were engraved by Martin Mörck (portrait and space walk) and Lars Sjööblom (other stamps) based on proofs by Eva Wilsson, who processed photographs from NASA. Printed in a combination of recess and offset, these stamps come in a booklet with ten stamps. The denomination of each stamp is SEK 6, which is the Domestic First Class rate. The spices booklet stamps were designed by Stefan Hörberg. The coil stamps (dill and chives) were designed and engraved by Lars Sjööblom. The booklet stamps were Printed using the offset method and the recess method was used for the coil stamps. The booklet contains ten self-adhesive stamps in four motifs: For more information, please contact:Thorsten Sandberg, telephone +46-8-7815087 (also mobile), e-mail