Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiribati 40th Anniversary of Moon landing set

The Pacific Ocean Island nation of Kirbati issued a set of 5 stamps and one souvenir sheet on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the United States Astronauts landing on the Moon which took Place July 20th 1969. The 40 cent low value of the set of 5 shows the Mars Science Laboratory while the 50 cent value pictures the International space Station. The 75 cent stamp shows the Endeavour Space craft on top of the specially buit Boeing Transporter in flight being brought back to Florida. The $1.25 denomination captures the Apollo 12 Launch back in July of 1969. Finally the $3.00 top value shows the Russian Luna 16 Space Vehicle which landed on the Moon on Sept 20, 1970 For more info on Luna 16 see:

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The $3.00 Miniature sheet shows a painting by Astronaut Alan Bean of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the lunar lander and the American Flag. the individual stamps are from images supplied by NASA's Johnson Space Center. The four color stamps were printed by the Lowe Marting Group by the lithography method. A total of 5,400 sets and souvenir sheets were received from the printer. See the video below.