Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basel University's 500th Anniversary celebrated

The University of Basel Was founded in 1460, at the instigation of its citizens and was officially inaugurated on 4 April of that same year with a ceremony in Basel Cathedral. It is Switzerland’s first university one of the oldest universities in Europe. Its Willingness to embrace new ideas determined its development over the centuries, and it capitalized on times of radical social and economic change to reinvent itself, while ceaselessly providing innovative stimuli in the fields of research and teaching.

Today, the University of Basel is characterized by strong growth as Well as by technical intellectual and social diversity. At the same time, it vouches for top flight education, research and innovation. The University of Basel sees itself as a full spectrum academic institution. Its seven faculty departments provide further education for some 12,000 students.

Many well-known people have studied-and taught at the University of Basel. For instance, Leonhard Euler, one the most important mathematicians of recent centuries who featured on a Swiss Post stamp in 2007 — honed his skills in Basel And in the 19th century. the philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche studied at Basel too. What is more, the University of Basel has produced two winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine Tadeus Reichstein in 1950 and Wener Arber in 1978.

Its syllabus covers virtually all fields of study, offering a broad spectrum of courses ranging from Archaeology to Zoology. The university devotes special attention to the cross-cutting subjects of “Life Sciences and “Culture” which makes it possible to combine expertise and targeted research. These focal points enable it to claim an international reputation, - especially in Life Sciences”, a scientific field of economic importance for the whole region.

The commitment to excellence which motivates all University of Basel staff and students, and its achievements at international level, has made this institution increasingly attractive and competitive.

The University of Basel generates knowledge of a high standard. In this anniversary year with its “Wissen bewegtuns” (Moved by Knowledge) motto, its professors, lecturers and students are seeking to establish more intensive dialogue with the general public. By bringing out the contribution of the sciences to a steadily growing pool of knowledge, they aim to stimulate debate about its relevance to the past, present and future, and a series of anniversary events spread over the year have been organized for this purpose.

The 550th anniversary will make the sciences a visible, tangible experience. In so doing, the university is highlighting its commitment to the fascinating task of gleaning fresh knowledge — not just to celebrate five-and-a-half centuries of the sciences, but also to consolidate the people of Basel’s identification with their university. All members of the university’s staff will be aiming to show how knowledge in the broadest sense is a driving force for each and every one of us, in line with the anniversary- year motto.

This special stamp is to be released on February 25th, 2010. The 3 color stamp was printed by the Bagel Security Printing firm of Dusseldorf, Germany in sheets of 20 (4 rows of 5 stamps). The designers were Urs Lieber and Enzo Granella of Zurich, Switzerland. The stamp has a denomination of .85 Swiss Francs. The stamp features the phrase 550 years University of Basel on what appears to be a classroom blackboard (That is in green) plus swirling chalk lines representing the many areas of study (Music, Chemistry, mathematics, ect). As well as the stamps specially designed First Day covers will also be available. For more information about this 500th anniversary celebration please go to:

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