Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jersey Issues Fresh Water Fish set September 7th

The 50th anniversary of the Jersey Freshwater Angling Association is marked with an issue depicting some of the freshwater fish which can be found in the reservoirs, streams and ponds of Jersey.
The Association was founded by 5 enthusiasts on 6th March 1960 and currently has approximately 151 trout and 83 coarse fishing members although the total figure can rise during the year Licences are regulated by the Association which goes to great lengths to maintain and preserve the natural environment with rules governing litter, fire and noise. Indeed, item no. 2 of their ‘Constitution’ states that the objectives of the Association are - ‘(a) to promote freshwater angling in Jersey, and (b) to keep Association waters in a clean and natural state, thereby enabling the Association members to enjoy to the full the skill and art of freshwater angling.” The Association engages in both game fishing - fly fishing for trout which the captor is then permitted, under Licence, to keep and coarse fishing, with floats and weights, for fish that the captor then returns unharmed (catch and release) to the water The latter activity has produced Association record weights for Common Carp at 251b 8oz, for Bream at 10b 12oz, and for Mirror Carp at 21b 6oz. It is highly probable, however, that these records have now been beaten.

Three reservoirs in Jersey, Val de Ia Mare, Grands Vaux and Queen’s Valley, are set aside for game fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout and they also have Rudd and Freshwater Eels whilst coarse anglers are able to fish at Dannemarche and Millbrook Reservoirs where there are plenty of Bream, Tench, Perch, Common Carp, Rudd and Common Eels. There is also Carp fishing at St. Catherine’s reservoir, both Mirror and Common, whilst Jersey’s largest natural fresh water fishery, including Roach, Rudd and mature Carp, can be found at St. Ouen’s Pond.

Wildlife artist, William Oliver, has provided the striking artwork for this issue and has featured the various fish in their natural environments. The fish portrayed on the six stamps are Perch ( 36p), Tench (39p), Roach (45p), Rudd (55p), Mirror Carp (60p), and Common Bream (72p).

Brown Trout is shown on the £3 Miniature Sheet. The stamps were printed by BDT International Security Printing in Dublin, Ireland by the four color offset lithography process in sheets of 10 ( 2 accross by 5 down). The individual stamps measure 40.64mn by 29.79mm while the souvenir sheet has a size of 110mm by 75mm.

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