Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swiss Post Office issues Optical Art Stamps

When images suddenly move or a ball in a picture seems to float in mid air, optical effects are a likely explanation. Even though such images are only painted and two-dimensional, the eye feels drawn into a three-dimensional world. Now Swiss Post is issuing three special Optical Art stamps designed by Youri Messen-Jaschin on September 3, 2010.

Are there times when you can barely believe your own eyes? That could well be your reaction to pictures inspired by Optical Art, a style of art that plays tricks on the beholder. Because when you look at Optical Art images, you suddenly see much more, something different and maybe even in other colors and geometric forms. The Optical Art movement sprang up in the lg6Os. Geometric shapes and lines as well as deliberately selected color patterns are used to create moving and flickering effects in the eye of the beholder Motifs almost look as though they are floating and three-dimensional, and lines suddenly appear to move; that’s why Op Art was also called Kinetic Art in the Sixties. For the very first time, the Swiss Post is featuring Optical Art on stamps created exclusively for it by Youri Messen-Jaschin. This Swiss- born Latvian artist has made an international name for himself as one of the foremost exponents of Optical Art and has now exhibited practically all over the world. In an interview, Messen-Jaschin — who says he finds inspiration for his works in his sleep — speaks of his enthusiasm for this style of art and about what he has to bear in mind as he paints so as to open up the moving world of Optical Art to the beholder. The 85 centime stamp features Youri’s Red Ball painting while the 1.00 Swiss Franc stamp reproduces his Blue Red Black painting and his Red and Blue Circles painting is show on the 1.40 SFr top value of the set of three. The stamps were printed on white stamp paper using the offset method by the Joh. Enschede security printing firm of Haarlem, the Netherlands.
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