Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Swedish Christmas stamps depict Christmas decorations and sparkling snow crystals

Sweden Post will issue this year's Christmas stamps on November 18. The motifs of the stamps for domestic Christmas cards are decorations for the home and Christmas tree. The stamps for international holiday greetings depict sparking snow crystals.

Christmas decorations have adorned Swedish homes for a very long time. Illustrated magazines were advising readers as early as 1870 how to decorate their homes and trees at Christmastime. Following the introduction of mail order catalogues, interest in Christmas tree decorations grew rapidly.

The motifs on this year's stamps for domestic holiday greetings are Christmas decorations, such as candles, Santa, presents, stars and hearts. An undergraduate student from the University College of Arts and Crafts, Stefan Engblom, designed the stamps. He played with the letters in the name of the issue, JULPOST 2010.

"I hit upon the idea of making a small illustration for each letter in the name. Each illustration was related to Christmas. There are almost 40 different "picture letters" on the four stamps," he says.

This year's stamps for international holiday greetings depict snow crystals photographed in Kiruna in northern Lapland. The photographer, Kenneth G. Libbrecht, is a physics professor at California Institute of Technology, and researches how crystals grow.

He is particularly interested in snow crystals, which he has been documenting on film for the past several years.

"To capture the characteristics of each crystal I have developed a special microscope that allows me to add backlighting. The snow crystal functions as a complex lens that reflects light, resulting in beautiful coloring effects," says Kenneth G. Libbrecht. For more information about Professor Libbrecht see: . To see Professor Libbrecht's snowflake page see:

To date he has taken around 10,000 photographs of snow crystals. Five of these photos are now depicted on Swedish stamps. The U.S. Postal Service also issued a series of stamps depicting his snow crystals several years ago.
The US stamps had their first day of issue at the New York Mega Stamp Show which opened on Oct 8, 2006.

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Facts about the new stamps issued on November 18

Christmas 2010 – Christmas Fun
The stamps were designed by Stefan Engblom and printed in offset. These self-adhesive stamps come in a booklet of ten with four motifs. The denomination is Domestic Christmas (SEK 5.50).

Snow Crystals
The stamps were designed by Gustav Mårtensson and engraved by Piotr Naszarkowski and Lars Sjööblom. The proofs are photographs by Kenneth G. Libbrecht. Printed in a combination of recess and offset, these self-adhesive stamps come in a booklet of five with five motifs. The denomination is SEK 12 for international letters and Christmas greetings.

In other news Sweden Post announces the creation of Post Norden

Posten Norden was created through the merger of Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. The Group offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. It has a turnover of around SEK 45 billion and approximately 50,000 employees. The operations are divided into the Breve Danmark, Meddelande Sverige, Logistics and Information Logistics business areas. The parent company is a public Swedish company and its headquarters are located in Solna, Sweden. Read more about Posten Norden at