Thursday, December 29, 2011

Republic of China issues New Years Stamps

To welcome the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, Chunghwa Post is issued a set of two New Year’s Greeting Postage Stamps  and a souvenir sheet on December 1, 2011 featuring the upcoming year’s animal sign. Continuing the pop modern art and traditional Chinese ink-wash styles of the 2010 issue, the vignette of each of the stamps features a dragon or dragons colored with regal purple and nature’s green against an orange background with random yellow splatters. The bright color scheme brings a joyous atmosphere to the Year of the Dragon. The designs are as  follows:

1. NT$3.50 Stamp: Staring into each other’s eyes, this pair of dragons represents the idea of “belonging to each other” and symbolizes that “all one’s wishes will come true.”

2. NT$13.00 Stamp: Holding its head up high and ready to spring into action, the image of this dragon represents “pride” and symbolizes “joy and good health.”

3. NT$12.00 Souvenir Sheet: The image of a proud dragon soaring in the sky conveys the idea of “promotion” and “success.”

To add to collectability and philatelic interest, two press sheets are included in this year’s issue. Each of these uncutsheets is composed of two panes of 20 stamps, with denominations of NT$3.50 and NT$13.00 respectively. Printer’s markings remain on the sheet margin. Also included are a poster tube for storing the press sheets and a certificate of authenticity. Launched in 2009, this series of philatelic items provides a glimpse into the printing process of postage stamps. Produced in limited quantities, the item is very much worth collecting.

The Technical Details of this issue are presented below.

Sheet composition: 20 (5 x 4)

First day cancel
 Paper used: Phosphorescent stamp paper                         

Designer for this issue: Chen Peiyi

Printer used for this issue: China Color Printing Co., Ltd.

The individual stamps have a size of:  34 x 26 (mm)

The multi color stamps were printed by the offset method of printing and have a perforation of 13. the NT3.50 value has a printing total of 4,000,00 while the NT13.00 total was 1,500,000

The size of souvenir sheet  110 x 76 (mm)  while the stamp in the center of the souvenir sheet has a size of  64 x 40 (mm) and has a perforation of  12 ½ . The printing total was 1,400,00.

To go to the Taiwan Postal Museum click here:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Island of Jersey Releases Christmas Stamps

On November 8th 2011, Jersey Post issued six stamps depicting Christmas Tree Decorations. The stamps bear a range of tariffs in order to facilitate posting Christmas cards both locally and internationally. The tradition of decorating trees at Christmas began centuries ago. Decorations which started with sweets, gingerbread, nuts and paper roses, were followed by tinsel and a huge variety of miniature dolls, instruments, glass beads, baubles and so on, remaining to this day an indispensable part of Christmas celebrations.

The Stamps, First Day Cover envelope and Presentation Pack designs are from orignals painted by Colleen Corlett. The stamps were printed by Cartor Security Printing, France in four colour process offset lithography in sheets of ten (2 across x 5 down). The stamps have a size of  40.00mm deep x 30.00mm wide. A complete set of 6 stamps retails for 3.43 pounds while the first day cover will sell for 4.48 pounds. 

First Day cover

To order these stamps and for more information go to

sheet of 10
Their email address is

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swiss Christmas Stamps feature "Silent Night" Chapel

The following story has been supplied by the Swiss Post Office Philatelic Office

This year, anybody fortunate enough to spend Christmas out in the country or in the mountains nearby will discover his or her very own “Silent Night” chapel”. And even if this haven of peace and tranquility is just a memory of days long past, what remains for all of us is the indescribable experience of an unforgettable winter’s night during Advent. The festivities begin early in the evening amidst those we love and last until late. The sound of bells in the distance is redolent with memories. Every year, we need that little bit of prompting from a loved one to go to the church service. Our heads are heavy with wine, our stomachs over- loaded with sweet things and our ears ringing with children’s giggling and off-key flute music. So we are reluctant to slip on our old winter gear and lace up our new boots. We walk in silence together along the romantic path leading to the ancient chapel, enjoying the crunch of snow under our feet while snowflakes fall silently all around us. Nobody in our merry group regrets making the effort to leave the cozy living room for the still, cold December night. As expected with rueful good humor, our feet are cold and wet, our fingers frozen stiff and the pews hard. But we are richly rewarded, even as we take our leave and look back at the colorful Christmas trees in front of the chapel and the atmospheric play of windows reflected on the snow. We are filled with a sense of peace, happiness and contentment because we have found our “Still the Night” chapel. And this stamp with the chapel motif is an invitation to us all to rediscover this stillness, whether out of Christian conviction or merely because we are looking forward to Christmas.

You’d have to be really hard-boiled to be able to be totally immune to the mood that reins in the run-up to the festive season. Rilke’s lines invite us to immerse ourselves in this atmosphere. Is this a harking back to better days? why not? Such thoughts are a welcome refuge, especially nowadays. why not let ourselves be carried away by the sight of that beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the midst of a snow-covered city park? The starry sky over the roofs provides the ideal glittering framework for drifting up and away. The gifts piled on the old-fashioned sledge, just waiting to be unpacked, appeal to the child in us, and there’s that practical lantern to light the way (perhaps Christmas with a big bushy beard). Admittedly, the intrusive glitter that pervades every corner of supermarkets crammed with people and merchandise from early November can also get on one’s nerves. Let’s be honest. Advent must have been pretty cozy back in Rilke’s day. But why not revive the run-up to Christmas as a quiet time made for contemplation. It’s a time of breathing in air so cold that it makes your nose run, of blinking your eyes until all the lights begin to dance on the glistening snow. Then we return home to a warm living room and the tin of Christmas biscuits. There’s definitely something to be said for living in modern times, like the many treats from all over the globe that actual festivities, we relish the good life in homes with efficient, reliable heating, with gentle music sounding in our thawing ears or a romantic Christmas-soap DVD flickering before our reddened and runny eyes. But harking back to the age of Rilke should — and must — have its place, for instance sitting right down and writing of romantic letters and cards to our friends and loved ones using Swiss Post’s extra-colorful 2011 Christmas stamps as a counterpoint to all the shopping going on around us.

Once in a lifetime: this is just bow it should be. Waiting for the right house takes patience, and the thought of spending a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones in the chalet of your dreams is enough to warm the cockles of your heart, though hopefully not to melt all that lovely snow. When the time comes round at long last, the snow gods and weather forecasters haven’t got it wrong. It’s a white Christmas for 2011 — brilliant! The chalet next to the dark forest of fir trees, one in the mountains, slightly hidden in a fold of the slope. First impressions — the smell of resin inside, the crackling fire of glowing branches in the open fireplace and the wisps of smoke hanging over the snow-covered roof — add up to a picture like the one on the calendar in granny’s parlor This postcard idyll is for sale in the little village shop down in the valley, complete with glitter or perhaps just with a baby deer in the snow? For once kitsch is OK for sending these special chalet holiday greetings to all your design-conscious friends back home. These ageless chalets come in a wide variety of looks and are found mainly in alpine countries. They are reality and therefore also a matter of taste. It goes without saying that the most attractive ones are to be found in the mountains of Switzerland ... But let’s not get carried away. Our dream chalet must beat least as attractive as the one depicted on the new Christmas stamp designed by illustrator Raphael Volery with its exquisite adornments in the foreground, the splendidly decorated Christmas tree and the brightly burning colored candles! A Swiss Post exclusive that’s easy to find at anytime, at any post office. So you too can dream.

All three stamps were issued November 24th. They were printed by the four color offset method by Cartor Security Printing of La Loupe, France. The stamps measure 33 X 28 mm and have a perforation of 13 ¼ by 13 ½. Raphael Volery is the designer of the stamps and lives in Zurich. To accompany the stamps Swiss Post is producing two sets 4 Christmas card packs. One set is based on the .85CHF stamp and the other is based on the 1.00CHF Stamp. They will sell for 9.20CHF and 9.80CHF and include the matching set of stamps. First Day covers, First Day Folders and First Day Collection sheets will also be available.

To order these stamps and other items

For  Raphael Volery's site

Xmas card and matching stamp

Block with First day cancel

Monday, December 5, 2011

Australia Post Releases stamp for Obama Vist

To mark the official Australian visit of the Honourable Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, Australia Post has released a domestic rate (60c) stamp, representing the longstanding Australia-United States Alliance under the ANZUS treaty.

During President Obama's visit, he was presented with the framed souvenir stamp by Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Julia Gillard.

"Australia Post is delighted to commemorate President Obama's visit to Australia and recognise our ongoing alliance with this special stamp issue. We trust this issue provides collectors and the public with a memento to mark this important and historic event," said Australia Post Managing Director and CEO, Ahmed Fahour.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Australia-United States Alliance under the ANZUS Treaty which was signed by Australia, New Zealand and the United States in San Francisco in 1951 and entered into force in 1952.This is a time of great strength and growth in the Alliance, which rests on a broad and enduring community of interests and values.

Presentation Pack with sheetlet of 10 stamps

Australia and the United States enjoy a strong partnership in many areas including trade and investment, science and technology collaboration and security cooperation.

Maximum Card

The stamp shows the military representatives of the ANZUS countries gathered in Honolulu for the first meeting in 1952: Lieutenant General SF (Sydney) Rowell (left), Australian Chief of General Staff, is greeted on his arrival at the airfield by Admiral Arthur Radford, US Commander in Chief Pacific (right), and Major-General Gentry, New Zealand Chief of General Staff.

This stamp issue was designed by Jo Muré of the Australia Post Design Studio. Jo's recent stamp designs include the Royal Wedding and Golf (2011). As well as the stamps Australa Post has produced First Day Covers, Maximun Cards and Presentation Packs for this issue

My Thanks to the Australian Post Office for the information on this issue.

Interesting Links  for more information about President Obama's Visit  To Australia.

ABC News Coverage

Sydney morning Herald

whitehouse Press Photos

Monday, November 28, 2011

Finish Post Office offers letters from Santa Claus

Use your smartphone to order a letter from Santa

Every year, Santa Claus receives hundreds of thousands of letters from all around the world, addressed to Santa's post office at the Finnish Arctic Circle. Since the 1990s, customers have also had the opportunity to order letters from Santa. Santa always keeps up with the times, and this Christmas Itella Posti Oy offers a new service: you can order a letter from Santa using your smartphone!

You can get the Santa's Letter phone application free of charge from App Store, Android Market or Ovi Store. Ordering a letter from Santa costs €7. The letter can be paid for with Visa and Euro/MasterCard credit cards.

With the ordering application, the customer's phone gets into the Christmas spirit with photos from Santa's post office, snowflakes and Christmas music.

Santa's letter is sent to the recipient equipped with special Christmas stamps and the polar circle's post office postmark. Santa, of course, also signs the letter. The content of the letter is a surprise.

The available language options include Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Dutch.

Here is the link to order Santa's Personalized letter.

Santa's Letter is illustrated by Finnish artist Minna Immonen. For more information about this Finnish Stamp Designer please go to:

Order your letter by Friday, December 9, 2011. The letters will be delivered to recipients by Christmas.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swedish Christmas Issues arrive Nov. 17 2011

Red and white flowers embody the spirit of Christmas

The last time Sweden Post issued Christmas stamps with flowers was 2008, and the stamps depicted five different wreaths hanging on decorated doors. These stamps were designed by Gunnar Kaj, the famous flower arranger, who has also been involved in selecting the four flowers that will be used in this year’s Christmas stamps.

There are several types of Christmas cactus (Schiumbergera x buckley?) and their flowers come in different colors, including red. The Christmas cactus is a hybrid within the cactus family and it is related to the November cactus.

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherr?ma) is a species of the spurge family and is native to Mexico. In the wild, poinsettias can grow to be several meters high, but it has been possible to create smaller versions that are more suitable as potted plants.

There are more than twenty different species of blooming plants within the Christmas rose (Helleborus) family, of which the majority are found on the Balkan Peninsula. Despite its name and similar appearance, the Christmas rose is not related to the rose.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x hortorum) is a hybrid in the Amaryllis family and has been cultivated in countless variations over the years. The stamp depicts a white amaryllis. Today’s modern versions are the result of several hundred years of experimentation; the first hybrid was created in England in 1799.

The stamp Designer

The stamps were designed by Molly Bark and were printed by the Offset method of printing. The stamps measure  26.6 by 31.25mm. The first day cover for this issue was also designed by Molly and features a Hyacinth. The First Day Cancel features a Poinsettia.

To order these stamps and other items go to

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finland Issues Chrismas Stamps November 7

Elves designed by the renowned postcard artist Kaarina Toivanen are the theme of this year's Finnish Christmas stamps. The Soft Christmas stamp, valued at EUR 0.55, has a smiling boy elf surrounded by balls of wool and stuffed toys. On a 2nd class stamp called Active Christmas a lively girl elf is swinging on a straw mobile. Kaarina Toivanen was given a free hand in the Christmas postcard design. She submitted ten stamp drafts and the art committee selected two of them for making the Soft Christmas and Active Christmas stamps. Kaarina Toivanen has also designed several elf-themed postcards and packaging materials for Itella Posti Oy's Christmas sales this year. Kaarina Toivanen (born in 1959) is one of the most renowned postcard artists in Finland, and her signature style will appear on Christmas stamps this year. Toivanen's visual themes are rural and focus on tradition and nature. The pictures are filled with funny animals, men and women, but elves are the visual theme that the artist herself enjoys the most.

The Christmas stamps will be available for sale on Monday, November 7.

Two stamps, published at the same time with the Christmas stamps, are perfect for winter greetings after the Christmas season.

A new 2nd class personalized stamp frame will be published in November, and Posti's personalized stamp is based on it. The theme of the stamp is a frosty rosehip. From now on, customers can order personalized stamps in both payment categories: 1st and 2nd class. The personalized stamp frame and the Rosehip stamp were designed by Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi.

Christmas greetings outside Finland are well accompanied by the 1st class Light in the window stamp designed by Aino-Maija Metsola and Georgi Eremenko.

Elf-themed Christmas cards, packaging material and message-in-a-bottle designed by Kaarina Toivonen will also be available for sale in Finland before Christmas. Itella Posti Oy (the Finish Post Office ) will publish a message-in-a-bottle with a girl elf as the theme. Inside the small plastic bottle, there is paper where you can write your message.

A6-size Christmas cards produced by Posti will be sold in five-card packages at Posti shops, Posti's online shop and most postal agency shops. The cards are particularly suitable to be sent with this year's Christmas stamps.

Two gingerbread-cookie-shaped post cards designed by Kaarina Toivanen will also be available for sale.

Technical Details for this new set of four stamps are as follows:

Cuddly Christmas

Kaarina Toivanen 

Value: €0.55
Issue: 42,000,000 stamps
Design: Kaarina Toivanen
Perforation: die cut
Size: stamps 34.5 x 24.5 mm, sheet 213 x 150 mm
Paper: self-adhesive stamp paper
Printer: Walsall Security Printers, UK
Printing method: 5/1 web offset
First day cover and postmark: Kaarina Toivanen

Swinging Christmas

Value: 2nd class
Amount issued: 6,000,000 stamps                                  For more information on this artist see:
Design: Kaarina Toivanenhttp                 
Perforation: die cut                                                           
Size: 24.5 x 34.5 mm, sheet: 162 x 109 mm
Paper: self-adhesive stamp paper
Printer: Walsall Security Printers, UK
Printing method: 5/1 web offset
First day cover and postmark: Kaarina Toivanen


Value: 2nd class                                             Post office website: //
Issue: 260,000 stamps
Design: Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi
Perforation: die cut
Size: stamps 45 x 35 mm, sheet 210 x 297 mm
Paper: self-adhesive stamp paper, the stamp glue is not water-soluble
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France
Printing method: 6-color offset
First day cover and postmark: Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi

Light in the window

Value: 1st class

 Amount issued: 7,000,000 miniature sheets      
Design: Aino-Maija Metsola and Georgi Eremenko
Perforation: die cut
Size: stamps 24.5 x 34.5 mm, booklet: 82 x 243 mm open, 82 x 61 mm folded
Paper: self-adhesivestamp paper
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps, the Netherlands
Printing method: 5/1 web offset
First day cover and postmark: Aino-Maija Metsola and Georgi Eremenko

Friday, October 14, 2011

Post Europe Announces Competition winner

Turkish PTT declared winner of the EUROPA 2011 Competition

PostEurop proudly announced that the Turkish PTT (Turkey), the Magyar Posta (Hungary) and CTT Correios (Portugal) as the top three winners of the 2011 EUROPA Stamp Competition at the plenary session of PostEurop that was held in Istanbul recently and hosted by Turkish PTT.

The results of this year’s Europa Stamp competition which heralded a new record high vote count of 5,576 votes votes registered from all over the world was announced on the evening of October 12 at PostEurop’s at the dinner celebration honoring the wiiners. The Turkish PTT, postal operator for Turkey was declared the Gold award winner of this competition. The winning stamp from Turkish PTT was designed by Bülent Ates and shows the forest in the autumn.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the announcement as this is the first time we has won this prestigious award. I believe that philately remains an important part of our company as it is a heritage we can hand down to the next generation and be proud of.” said Mr. Osman Tural, CEO of Turkish PTT.

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by several European postal administrations/enterprises, under the aegis of PostEurop, in which ' Europe' is the central theme. In this 19th consecutive year of the EUROPA topic the chosen theme was "Forests" to coincide with the UN campaign, “International Year of the Forest”. Over fifty creative entries were received from all over Europe. The close first runner of the EUROPA Stamp competition was Magyar Posta, postal operator from Hungary and finally, the second-runner up of the EUROPA Stamp competition went to CTT Corrieos, the postal operator for Portugal.

"Each year we see the expectations grow around EUROPA stamps from every perspective with growing interest and popularity. Indeed the stamps are more than just work of art, it personifies the country and brought together it gives us a collage of the Europe and the European Postal industry. Therefore, PostEurop has taken a bold step and issued the first ever EUROPA Stamp collection album” declares Botond Szebeny, PostEur Secretary General. Markku Penttinen, Chairman of the PostEurop Stamps and Philately working group from Itella of the Finnish Post Office adds, “We continue to be proud of the work done so far and the EUROPA Stamp collection album marks another great achievement for our experts".

Pictures of the winning stamps:

Gold award winning design 

Winner of the EUROPA stamp competition

Silver 1st runner -up from Hungary 

of the EUROPA stamp competition

Bronze 2nd runner up design from Portugal 

of the EUROPA stamp competition

Turkish Post Office receiving the award

More about EUROPA Stamps

Since 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a symbol of Europe’s desire for closer integration and cooperation. These special stamps are issued by the European postal administrations/enterprises and bears the EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark . Since 1993, PostEurop has been the responsible
organisation for issuing EUROPA stamps and each year, philately experts within the Philately working group organize the competition amongst other philately initiatives. For more information on post europa go to

To see a copy of the agenda for the meeting go to

For a short history of the Turkish Post office

Thursday, September 29, 2011

22 new Finnish stamps to be released

The stamp year 2012 in Finland brings various releases related to culture, sports and anniversaries, and naturally the ever-popular nature themes. A total of 22 stamp sets consisting of 73 different stamps will be published in 2012. Next year's versatile stamps have been designed by talented designers, of whom as many as 13 are first time stamp designers.

Design, Sámi culture and Schjerfbeck in January

At the beginning of the stamp year, on 23 January, a stamp booklet related to the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program will be published. The pictures for the booklet were selected from entries to an open online design competition organized last spring. The judges and the public chose eight works from among 1,422 entries. These will be published in the Future City stamp booklet. Design agency Kokoro & Moi turned the awarded works into stamps.

Next year's Valentine's Day stamps were designed by Päivi Unenge, a Finnish illustrator living in Sweden. The miniature booklet called I heart you contains six self-adhesive stamps and motifs including little girls, birds, pets, and naturally a focus on hearts.

Sámi culture is celebrated with a four-stamp miniature sheet, shaped after the floor plan of the Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS that will be opened in Inari in January 2012. The sheet depicting shaman drums was designed by Merja Aletta Ranttila from Inari. The self-adhesive stamps are shaped like mountains.

Year 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of artist Helene Schjerfbeck (1862–1946). In honour of the anniversary, a booklet of four self-adhesive stamps depicting her works will be released. The booklet designed by Teresa Moorhouse includes the School Girl II, Green Apples and Champagne Glass, Self Portrait, Black Background and Silk Shoes paintings.

Flowers, clouds, Women's Day and Railroads in March

The stamp designed for Easter greetings and that will be published on 5 March has a funny cartoon-like design. It will be published as a booklet of 10 self-adhesive stamps entitled Happy Easter! The stamp designed by Illustrator Janne Harju depicts a chick and a bunny painting on an Easter egg.

Spring flowers will be shown in a retro-styled six-stamp miniature booklet that depicts liverwort, spring pea, least gagea, lung-wort, marsh marigold and spring corydalis. The Spring Blossoms miniature booklet was designed by Klaus Welp, and he also took the photographs for it.

Railways in Finland will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year. In honour of the occasion, a six-stamp booklet designed by Tarja Salonen will be released. The stamps depict six trains from different periods from the steam locomotive Ukkopekka to the newest train called Allegro. The shape of the stamps has been cut to perspective to give them the feeling of motion.

March also sees the release of a motif that has been requested a lot, and which is especially suitable for wedding invitations. The motif of the stamp called Wedding is two golden wedding rings. The stamp was designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu, who also took the photographs for the stamp. It will be printed on foil paper to make the rings glisten like real gold rings.

Women's Day will be celebrated with the release of a credit card sized four-stamp booklet called Kisses Blown. The motifs of the stamps, designed by Ulla Bergström, were inspired by spring festivities, friendship and evening gatherings. The cheerful Women’s Day stamps are suitable for many kinds of shipments.

March stamps also take a look at the sky with three stamps depicting clouds. The stamps, which are based on photographs, were designed by Timo Berry. The stamps will be sold in rolls of 100 and depict three types of clouds. In addition, pictograms are printed on the images using transparent lacquer.

The second release in March depicts sea life and ice hockey

On 21 March a self-adhesive stamp booklet, designed by Klaus Welp, will be published as an addition to the Nordic Maritime 2012 series. The theme of 2012 is Life at Sea. Stamps with a similar theme will be published at the same time in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, and on the Åland Islands, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The motifs of the Finnish stamps include the Finnish Border Guard's patrol vessel Merikarhu and the Finnish Lifeboat Institution's rescue cruiser Jenny Wihuri.

A stamp in honour of the Ice Hockey World Cup that will be held in Helsinki and Stockholm in May 2012 will also be issued in March.

Travel, sports and a national park in May

On 7 May a new stamp will be added to the Europa series, for which every European postal administration has picked its own stamp motifs. The 10-stamp self-adhesive stamp booklet called Visit Finland was designed by Johannes Ekholm. For this booklet, he has chosen old Finnish travel posters that have also been published in the book Welcome to Finland.

Summer of 2012 will be a real summer of sports – the first European Athletics Championships will be held in Helsinki, and after that the Summer Olympics will take place in London. To commemorate this, Itella Posti Oy will issue a sports-related stamp.

Next in the series is The Bothnian Sea National Park, which introduces Finnish national parks. Teemu Ollikainen has designed a 10-stamp self-adhesive stamp booklet.

The sunflower gets a stamp of its own in May, when a stamp designed by Ossi Hiekkala will be released as a booklet of 10 self-adhesive stamps. The draft-like design of the stamp brings out the flower from the background. There are two different kinds of sunflowers on the sheet.

90s music stars and baby animals in September

A booklet of self-adhesive stamps called Pets, which will be published on 3 September, could become a favourite in many families with children. The six stamps in the booklet depict baby animals. Satu Lusa designed the stamps and Rafa Irusta Machin and Eric Isselée took the photographs for the stamps that show kittens, puppies and bunnies photographed against a white background.

A dreamlike, surreal and miniature self-adhesive stamp booklet called Autumn Dream, designed by Miika Saksi, will also be released in September. It contains five stamps.

A series of 6 stamps depicting Finnish music has entered into the 90s. The six stamp booklet, designed by Klaus Welp, gives a stamp to four popular artists: Kaija Koo, Jari Sillanpää, Laura Voutilainen, Anna Eriksson, and two bands: Agents and Yölintu. The artists and bands were chosen by Esa Nieminen. An essential criterion for choosing these artists was their popularity that has continued from the 90s to the present day.

New Christmas stamps will be introduced in November

The traditional Christmas stamp will be renewed on 5 November, when Itella Posti Oy releases 20 stamps on a sheet that is an impressive Christmas decoration in itself. The Christmas Tree Christmas stamp sheet, designed by Nina Rintala, is ideal as a present at Christmas parties or as a small business gift. Nina Rantala has also designed another 10-stamp booklet called Stable Lantern to be released on Christmas.

In addition to Christmas stamps, a cheerful stamp called Sledging, designed by Georgi Eremenko & AIno-Maija Metsola, will be released. It is suitable for various kinds of winter greetings – for example on Shrovetide.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Finish Stamps honor Juhani Aho, Finnish Comics and addtions to Lion series Stamps

Juhani Aho’s role as an author and journalist

Juhani Aho (1861–1921), a Finnish icon, was one of the first professional authors in Finland. The 150th anniversary of his birth will be celebrated on September 11. In honor of the anniversary, a miniature sheet of two stamps designed by Timo Berry and Teemu Ollikainen will be published on September 5, depicting Juhani Aho's career: his work as an author and journalist, and the strong sense of patriotism that characterized it.

One of the stamps depicts Juhani Aho’s extensive novel collection, which strongly represented Finnish nature, attitudes and social changes. His most beloved works include Rautatie, Papin rouva and Juha. Aho modernized Finnish prose, while filtering international influences into his works. The stack of papers depicted in the stamp is a reference to the concise type of short stories developed by the author – woodchips.

The second stamp is associated with Juhani Aho’s career as a journalist for Finnish newspapers. Aho was one of the founders of the Päivälehti newspaper (published between 1890 and 1904) where he discussed many of the day’s burning issues, including the position of women and workers. The picture below the stamp illustrates the young editors of Päivälehti.

The previous Juhani Aho stamp was published in September 1961, in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth. Their will be a total of 250,000 miniature sheets produced. The sheet is the work of artists Timo Berry and Teemu Oilkainen. The size of the sheet is 140 mm by 80 mm while the individual stamps have a sied of 31.42 by 44.95 mm. They were printed on self-adhesive stamp paper by the offset printing method by the firem of Joh. Enschede Stamps of the Netherlands,

Six comic book characters from six decades

The first ever Finnish comic book, Ilmari Vainio’s Professori Itikaisen tutkimusretki, was published one hundred years ago in November 1911. This is celebrated by publishing a stamp sheet designed by Ville Tietäväinen, entitled The 100th Anniversary of Finnish Comics, depicting the family tree of Finnish comics.

The pictorial motifs include popular characters from the first six decades of Finnish comics from the 1910s to the 1960s. The selected images represent the most distinctive features of each character.

The 1910s are represented by Ola Fogelberg’s Janne Ankkanen which was published in Suomen Kuvalehti and later in Kansan Kuvalehti. Hjalmar Löfving’s Olli Pirteä, which was published in Sirkka, represents the 1920s.

The 1930s return with Herra Kerhonen, whose author, Gösta Thilén, is regarded as one of the masters of wordless comics. The 1940s are represented by Antti Puuhaara, which was published in Yhteishyvä as drawn by Aarne Nopsanen and written by Raul Roine.

For the 1950s, the stamp sheet features Kili ja Possu, written by Olavi Vikainen, who specialized in animal characters in children's comics that were published in a number of Finnish and Swedish papers. The stamp for the 1960s depicts Unto Uneksija, which was published in Pellervo. Veikko Savolainen, its creator, is better known as Joonas thanks to one of his later works.

This  miniature sheet will have a press run of 300,000. It was the work of Ville Tietäväinen. The sheet has a size of  115 by 130 mm while the individual stamps have a size of 31 X 31 mm.  Printing was done by  Joh. Enschedé Stamps of the Netherlands.
Two new stamps added to the Lion series

The series of Lion stamps depicted in euro will be supplemented by two new stamps in September – a green two-euro stamp and a violet four-euro stamp. The stamps have been designed by graphic artist and illustrator Mika Launis who has also designed the three previously published Lion stamps.

The first Lion stamps of the series –  one-euro stamp and the  five-euro stamp – were issued in 2002 when Finland joined the euro area. In 2004, a three-euro stamp was added to the series. As the previous stamps are still available for sale, you can now choose from five different Lion stamps.

The green lion stamp was the work of Mika Launis and has a size of 24.5 X 34.5 mm in a quantitly of 2,000,000. The violet stamp had a press run of 1,000,000 has the same size and was done by the same artist. Both stamps were printed on self adhesive stamp paper by the Dutch firm of  Joh. Enschedé Stamps.

For more information go to the Finnish Post Office Website

A new special cachet for the Finnish Post Museum at the beginning of September

The all-year special cachet used by the Finnish Post Museum will be replaced on September 6, 2011, when the new cachet depicting a post horn and designed by Jarmo Niinimäki will be introduced.

All-year cachets are granted for a maximum of three years at a time, meaning that the new special cachet for the Post Museum is in effect until September 5, 2014.

To obtain the special cachet, bring your mail to the Post Museum in Helsinki. The Post Museum is situated in the Helsinki General Post Office, Asema-aukio 5 H. Metal stamps will be used.

From August 29 to September 2, 2011, customers may send a small amount of cards/envelopes for advance stamping to Itella Posti Oy, Helsinki Post Center, Reception/Special cachets, Post Museum special cachet, P.O. Box 1031, FI-00011 ITELLA, Finland.

You can send a maximum of ten cards or envelopes with stamps for advance stamping. Remember to include a return envelope with sufficient postage.