Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taiwan releases Fireworks stamps

Fireworks displays, kaleidoscopes of color and light, dazzling and spectacular against the inky night sky. These artful renderings of high- tech sound and light effects really wow people and bring them great joy. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, the Taiwan Post Office released a souvenir sheet containing 4 stamps showing exploding fireworks over Taipei. Features of the souvenir sheet follow: The four stamps each depict a different firework show. From left to right: the Double Tenth Day fireworks display in Taipei is shown on the first NT$5 value. The second NT$5 stamp shows the Taipei 101 Skyscraper’s New Year fireworks display. The Lantern Festival fireworks show on Kaohsiung’s Love River is shown on the NT$25 value, and the Dragon Boat Festival fireworks display in Taoyuan County’s Longtan is shown on the NT$25 denomination. The background of the souvenir sheet features a fireworks display by the Taipei Ferris Wheel. The souvenir sheet was printed in intaglio combined with offset. For the first time ever, the sheet is hot stamped with optical variable film to highlight the fireworks displays and the play of light and shadow on the Ferris wheel. A stamp folio will be released along with this souvenir sheet. To add to collecting value, the folio comes with a souvenir sheet, as well as an offset print plate proof and an optical variable film proof with serial numbers. The souvenir sheet is designed by Up Creative Design and Advertising Corporation and printed by the Central Engraving & Printing Plant. A first- day cover, folders with and without crystal mounts and a loose-leaf stamp album page will be released along with the stamps. ‘l’hey will go on sale on December 30, 2010. A stamp folio and a pre-cancelled FDC with a souvenir sheet will go on sale on January 1, 2011, the issuing date of the stamps.
See the Fireworks displays below