Friday, February 11, 2011

Finland Release unusual shaped Stamps

A daring, form-cut format stands out from the rest Finnish stamps released in January which focus on anniversaries, the Finnish National Opera and distinctive Finnish mailboxes. For the Finnish Post Office the year 2011 begins on January24 with the release of seven sets consisting of 22 different stamps. The visual themes of the stamps are the opera, the Finnish flag, Valentine’s Day, mailboxes, the spring, and extra-fee stamps with a nature theme. The stamp designers include both new prominent graphic artists, and professionals who have been in the business for a long time.

Design with an open mind

A miniature sheet entitled “Branches of Friendship” will be released in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day — known as Friendship Day in Finland. The stamps, illustrated by Janne Harju, show happy bird-like characters in their colorful nests. The open-minded design of the five form-cut stamps in the miniature sheet stands out from traditional stamps. The width of the largest stamp in the miniature sheet is over 11 cm. “The spring of life” stamp booklet, depicting nature’s awakening from beneath the winter snow cover, is another product of the new generation of designers. The bird and flower stamps in the five-stamp booklet, designed by graphic artist Pietari Posti, are particularly suitable for different kinds of greetings.

Finnish atmosphere on the stage, pole and by the road

The visual themes of a miniature sheet, published to mark the centenary of the Finnish National Opera, focus on scenes from six popular operas from different points in time. The operas selected in the miniature sheet, designed by Tarja Salonen, include “The Last Temptations” by Joonas Kokkonen, “The Red Line” by Aulis Sallinen, and “The Knight of the Rose” by Richard Strauss. The Blue Cross Flag, famihar to all Finns, is flown in an impressive 2nd class stamp, designed by Minna Luoma and implemented with letter press. For more information please see:


Mailboxes are an inherent part of the Finnish landscape and everyday life. Five genuine Finnish mailboxes in actual use are the visual theme of roll stamps designed by Päivi Vainionpää. The personal boxes also tell a story of their owners’ life.

Two extra-fee stamps with a different value were also be released in January. the stamps are intended for adding to the value of previously purchased stamp. The themes of these make-up stamps designed by Teemu Ollikainen and Timo Berry are a birch bud with a face value of .20 Euros and a birch leave with a face value of .30 euros. The stamps are cut in the shape of the plus sign, clearing indicating that they are intended to be used as make-up stamps to pay for current postal charges.