Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Finnish sheets honors World Heritage Site and Happiness Tree

On May 6, the Finnish Post Office will supplement the Finnish stamp collection for 2011 by issuing a souvenir sheet in its world heritage series honoring the Struve Geodetic Arc site. The Struve Geodetic Arc used to determine the size and shape of the globe. The Struve Geodetic Arc was used for determining the size and shape of the globe. The arc, which is approximately 2,820 kilometers long, extends from the Black Sea in Ukraine all the way to the Arctic Ocean in Norway. The arc was named after F.G.W. Struve who managed the measurement in 1816—1855. The arc measurement stations are located in ten countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The 34 most representative measurement points of the Struve Arc were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a joint site of ten countries in 2005. The miniature sheet designed by Susanna Rumpu and An Lakaniemi indicates the six points located in Finland. There two stamps on the sheet whereupon on stamp is inside the other. The outer stamp is round, and the inner has the shape of the map of Finland. Both stamps are for 2nd class mail. The die cut stamps are on self-adhesive stamp paper and were printed by the firm of Joh. Enschede Stamps of the Netherlands by the Web Offset method in a quantity of 300,000 sheets. The round outer stamp has a 42mm diameter while the inner irregular Finnish map stamp has a size of 20 X 38mm. The back of the sheet gives a brief history of the site in Finnish and Swedish. I have included some websites so that you can learn more about this world heritage site.





On The same date another souvenir sheet will also be issued. The Happiness Tree souvenir sheet is ment to be used for Spring and Summer celebrations like births, graduations and other happy events.. The sheet contains 5 die cut stamps “hanging” off various branches of the tree. The sheet was designed by graphic artist Paivi Unenge whose work has previously appeared in may Children’s books and on picture postcards. This sheet was also printed in a quantity of 300,000 sheets by the Netherland’s security printer Joh. Enschede and Sons.