Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweden Post adds to Struve Geodetic Arc commemoration

The geodetic arc is a chain of survey triangulations stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea. The survey was conducted between 1816—1855 under the leadership of the native German astronomer, Wilhelm Struve, with the intent of verifying that the planet is flatter around the poles. Struve was the head of an international project, and several countries and the UN are using stamps to recognize his work. The Arc is a chain of survey stations streching more that 2,800 kilometers from Hammerfest on the Arctic Ocean to Staro Nekrassowka on the Black Sea.

Sweden is the second country to honor this UNESCO world heritage site. The miniature sheet was issued on May 6th, 2011. The Finnish Post Office has also released a sheet depicting this site. The Struve Arc passes through Norway. Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia,  Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine.
The Swedish survey poinyd start in and end in the high moutains on the border between Finland and Norway.
Gustav Martensson was the designer for this minisheet. It is composed of two triangular stamps in the center of the sheet. Each stamp carries a face value of 12 Swedish Kroner. The sheet has an overall size of 83 by 125 mm while the individual triangular stamps measure out with side of   55.9 mm, 62.1 mm and a base of 84 mm. The background map picture was supplied by C. A. Jensen while the pictures were contributed by Bo Nilson and Lennart Lindegren. The stamps were printed by a combination of the Recess and Offet methods of printing. Lars Sjooblom was credited as the engraver.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swedish Summer Stamps show ice cream

Ice cream is the theme of this year’s summer stamps for domestic greetings. They are perfect for letters sent when on vacation, travelling, at the beach or just swinging in the hammock. The stamps are issued as booklet form self adhesive stamps with four motifs as well as in a coil stamp with a banana split motif. The stamps were designed by Eva Liljefors and Paul Kuhlhorn and were printed by the offset method. The booklet stamps have a size of 27.87 by28.84 mm while the coil stamp has a size of 26.6 by 44.12 mm. The stamps first day of issue was May 12th.

Once the heat of summer settles in, what can be better than enjoying some frosty ice cream while sitting on a park bench in the shade and writing a letter that will have an ice cream stamp on the envelope. Vanilla ice cream is a classic flavor, but today’s ice cream choices include flavors such as licorice, raspberry, coconut and bubble gum. Ice cream has been manufactured in Sweden since the 1920s.In Sweden people love to send letters and post cards during the summer and the number of greetings sent by mail swells well above the average. A post card sent during summer vacation travels is a simple yet personal way to send a greeting and share a fun experience with friends and relatives. Sweden Post has issued summer stamps for many years, both for domestic greetings and for letters to family and friends abroad. This year hot summer greetings can be cooled down by these cool delicious ice cream stamps from the Swedish Post Office.

The following Designers interview was supplied by the Swedish Post Office

What was it Like working on the stamps compared to other assignments you have had?

It was incredibly fun! Stamps have always been a part of our frame of reference. We have always said that we wanted to work with stamps, currency notes and the Advent calendar at some point in our lives. What is funny about the format is that we do a lot of work on posters and we usually say that a poster is never larger than a stamp in its environment .Often a poster is seen from a distance and in relationship to everything else it is, well, very small.”

How did you come up with the motifs for the Ice Cream stamps?

“We knew that we wanted to depict some really scrumptious ice cream flavors with ice-cream-like colors such as caramel pink, pistachio green and light blue. An early idea was that all of the ice creams would have eyes and a mouth, like figurines.”

What kind of artistic education do you have?

Eva has studied at Beckman’s School of Design and Paul attended the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design’s Department of Graphic Design & Illustration.”

How often do you use letters?

As business owners, we send letters regularly. We always try to stock up when particularly special stamps are issued. Then it feels a little more fun to put the stamp on the envelope.”

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