Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweden Post adds to Struve Geodetic Arc commemoration

The geodetic arc is a chain of survey triangulations stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea. The survey was conducted between 1816—1855 under the leadership of the native German astronomer, Wilhelm Struve, with the intent of verifying that the planet is flatter around the poles. Struve was the head of an international project, and several countries and the UN are using stamps to recognize his work. The Arc is a chain of survey stations streching more that 2,800 kilometers from Hammerfest on the Arctic Ocean to Staro Nekrassowka on the Black Sea.

Sweden is the second country to honor this UNESCO world heritage site. The miniature sheet was issued on May 6th, 2011. The Finnish Post Office has also released a sheet depicting this site. The Struve Arc passes through Norway. Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia,  Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine.
The Swedish survey poinyd start in and end in the high moutains on the border between Finland and Norway.
Gustav Martensson was the designer for this minisheet. It is composed of two triangular stamps in the center of the sheet. Each stamp carries a face value of 12 Swedish Kroner. The sheet has an overall size of 83 by 125 mm while the individual triangular stamps measure out with side of   55.9 mm, 62.1 mm and a base of 84 mm. The background map picture was supplied by C. A. Jensen while the pictures were contributed by Bo Nilson and Lennart Lindegren. The stamps were printed by a combination of the Recess and Offet methods of printing. Lars Sjooblom was credited as the engraver.