Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finland Post releases Personalized Stamp for Ice Hockey Championship

On May 27, 2011, Suomen Posti Oy released a stamp to celebrate the Ice Hockey World Cup victory of Team Finland. It was easy to find the theme: the awesome air hook goal scored by Mikael Granlund in a game against Russia. The objective was to release World Champions 2011 ASAP, which is why a personalized stamp was used.

Usually, the design and preparation of stamps takes 6 to 12 months, but we wanted to have this stamp available for sale as soon as possible, upon requests from the public and the media. Therefore, we chose to produce a personalized stamp,” says Tommi Kantola at Itella Posti Oy.

The picture on the stamp is a press photo by Michal Kamaryt (Lehtikuva/CTK). The stamp was designed by Klaus WeIp.

The airhook stamps are available at Posti’s online shop at www.posti.fi/ostoksille. The special edition personalized stamp is a 1st class (€0.75) No Value is indicated on the Stamp. The personalized stamp sheet contains 20 self-adhesive stamps. The price of one sheet is €15 (+ delivery charge €3.00). The stamp, manufactured on an urgent schedule, is not included in Itella Posti Oy’s annual products, which means that those with a standing order may order it separately.

Tommi Kantola says that the stamp, published amidst the peak of the World Cup craze, has been popular Those purchasing the stamps include people who use stamps on a regular basis, and ice hockey fans of all ages.

The World Champions stamp is the second personalized stamp ever released by Itella Posti Oy, and is not included in the annual stamp release plan. The first personalized stamp similar to this was published in connection with the 2008 Idols competition.

Itella Posti Oy introduced personalized stamps in 2003. Customers may design their stamp themes using their personal computers to access Itella Posti Oy’s online service (www.posti.fi/omakuvapostimerkki). One sheet of personalized stamps consists of 20 stamps. The same sheet can have four different visual themes, eie five different stamps per theme.

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Itella Posti Oy has published approximately five million personalized stamps so far, with tens of thousands of visual themes. “The pictures are often related to special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries, which customers also want to celebrate with stamps. Other themes include family portraits, children and pets,” says Markku Penttinen, Development Director at Suomen Posti Oy.

Penttinen says that many companies have also purchased personalized stamps. “Letters with personalized stamps on them will certainly stand out from other business mail items.”

Not all traditional philatelists are fond of personalized stamps, but the times are changing. Penttinen says that some Finnish stamp clubs have used the personalized stamp service to publish their own club stamps.

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