Friday, October 14, 2011

Post Europe Announces Competition winner

Turkish PTT declared winner of the EUROPA 2011 Competition

PostEurop proudly announced that the Turkish PTT (Turkey), the Magyar Posta (Hungary) and CTT Correios (Portugal) as the top three winners of the 2011 EUROPA Stamp Competition at the plenary session of PostEurop that was held in Istanbul recently and hosted by Turkish PTT.

The results of this year’s Europa Stamp competition which heralded a new record high vote count of 5,576 votes votes registered from all over the world was announced on the evening of October 12 at PostEurop’s at the dinner celebration honoring the wiiners. The Turkish PTT, postal operator for Turkey was declared the Gold award winner of this competition. The winning stamp from Turkish PTT was designed by B├╝lent Ates and shows the forest in the autumn.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the announcement as this is the first time we has won this prestigious award. I believe that philately remains an important part of our company as it is a heritage we can hand down to the next generation and be proud of.” said Mr. Osman Tural, CEO of Turkish PTT.

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by several European postal administrations/enterprises, under the aegis of PostEurop, in which ' Europe' is the central theme. In this 19th consecutive year of the EUROPA topic the chosen theme was "Forests" to coincide with the UN campaign, “International Year of the Forest”. Over fifty creative entries were received from all over Europe. The close first runner of the EUROPA Stamp competition was Magyar Posta, postal operator from Hungary and finally, the second-runner up of the EUROPA Stamp competition went to CTT Corrieos, the postal operator for Portugal.

"Each year we see the expectations grow around EUROPA stamps from every perspective with growing interest and popularity. Indeed the stamps are more than just work of art, it personifies the country and brought together it gives us a collage of the Europe and the European Postal industry. Therefore, PostEurop has taken a bold step and issued the first ever EUROPA Stamp collection album” declares Botond Szebeny, PostEur Secretary General. Markku Penttinen, Chairman of the PostEurop Stamps and Philately working group from Itella of the Finnish Post Office adds, “We continue to be proud of the work done so far and the EUROPA Stamp collection album marks another great achievement for our experts".

Pictures of the winning stamps:

Gold award winning design 

Winner of the EUROPA stamp competition

Silver 1st runner -up from Hungary 

of the EUROPA stamp competition

Bronze 2nd runner up design from Portugal 

of the EUROPA stamp competition

Turkish Post Office receiving the award

More about EUROPA Stamps

Since 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a symbol of Europe’s desire for closer integration and cooperation. These special stamps are issued by the European postal administrations/enterprises and bears the EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark . Since 1993, PostEurop has been the responsible
organisation for issuing EUROPA stamps and each year, philately experts within the Philately working group organize the competition amongst other philately initiatives. For more information on post europa go to

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