Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swedish Christmas Issues arrive Nov. 17 2011

Red and white flowers embody the spirit of Christmas

The last time Sweden Post issued Christmas stamps with flowers was 2008, and the stamps depicted five different wreaths hanging on decorated doors. These stamps were designed by Gunnar Kaj, the famous flower arranger, who has also been involved in selecting the four flowers that will be used in this year’s Christmas stamps.

There are several types of Christmas cactus (Schiumbergera x buckley?) and their flowers come in different colors, including red. The Christmas cactus is a hybrid within the cactus family and it is related to the November cactus.

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherr?ma) is a species of the spurge family and is native to Mexico. In the wild, poinsettias can grow to be several meters high, but it has been possible to create smaller versions that are more suitable as potted plants.

There are more than twenty different species of blooming plants within the Christmas rose (Helleborus) family, of which the majority are found on the Balkan Peninsula. Despite its name and similar appearance, the Christmas rose is not related to the rose.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x hortorum) is a hybrid in the Amaryllis family and has been cultivated in countless variations over the years. The stamp depicts a white amaryllis. Today’s modern versions are the result of several hundred years of experimentation; the first hybrid was created in England in 1799.

The stamp Designer

The stamps were designed by Molly Bark and were printed by the Offset method of printing. The stamps measure  26.6 by 31.25mm. The first day cover for this issue was also designed by Molly and features a Hyacinth. The First Day Cancel features a Poinsettia.

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