Monday, December 5, 2011

Australia Post Releases stamp for Obama Vist

To mark the official Australian visit of the Honourable Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, Australia Post has released a domestic rate (60c) stamp, representing the longstanding Australia-United States Alliance under the ANZUS treaty.

During President Obama's visit, he was presented with the framed souvenir stamp by Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Julia Gillard.

"Australia Post is delighted to commemorate President Obama's visit to Australia and recognise our ongoing alliance with this special stamp issue. We trust this issue provides collectors and the public with a memento to mark this important and historic event," said Australia Post Managing Director and CEO, Ahmed Fahour.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Australia-United States Alliance under the ANZUS Treaty which was signed by Australia, New Zealand and the United States in San Francisco in 1951 and entered into force in 1952.This is a time of great strength and growth in the Alliance, which rests on a broad and enduring community of interests and values.

Presentation Pack with sheetlet of 10 stamps

Australia and the United States enjoy a strong partnership in many areas including trade and investment, science and technology collaboration and security cooperation.

Maximum Card

The stamp shows the military representatives of the ANZUS countries gathered in Honolulu for the first meeting in 1952: Lieutenant General SF (Sydney) Rowell (left), Australian Chief of General Staff, is greeted on his arrival at the airfield by Admiral Arthur Radford, US Commander in Chief Pacific (right), and Major-General Gentry, New Zealand Chief of General Staff.

This stamp issue was designed by Jo Muré of the Australia Post Design Studio. Jo's recent stamp designs include the Royal Wedding and Golf (2011). As well as the stamps Australa Post has produced First Day Covers, Maximun Cards and Presentation Packs for this issue

My Thanks to the Australian Post Office for the information on this issue.

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