Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swden Releases Cancer Research Stamp January 12, 2012

The following article is by Stefan Bergh, Secretary General of the Swedish Cancer Society.

You might already know that the Swedish Cancer Society is an independent non-profit organization. But did you know that the Society is the single largest financer of Swedish cancer research and that we do not receive any government funding? We are entirely dependence on donations and legacies from private individuals and companies to be able to continue our work. Thanks to our donors, the Society can finance around 400 research and care development projects every year. Our donors have made it possible for the Society to award SEK 7 billion to Swedish cancer research in the past 6o years. They are literally lifesavers.

The work of the Swedish Cancer Society revolves around raising and awarding funds for cutting-edge cancer research in Sweden. Another important aspect of this work is to monitor cancer issues with a critical eye and influence decision-makers in order to improve the care for cancer patients. We also spread knowledge about cancer by informing people about the illness and how to decrease the risk of becoming a cancer victim. We can offer support in this difficult situation and answer your questions. And we are full of hope about the future. Researchers are no longer fumbling in the dark and the knowledge base has never been better. A greater investment will give back many times over, and more lives will be saved. But successful cancer research requires long-term planning and this costs money.

To win this battle, we need ongoing support. One simple way to make a contribution is to choose this year’s charity stamps when you send letters through the mail. Read more about the work of the Swedish Cancer Society at: http://www.cancerfonden.se/

The First Day Cover
 The charity stamps are for domestic letters and come in a booklet of 10 stamps. For each booklet sold, SEK 10 goes directly to a charitable purpose.This year the Swedish Cancer Society was chose. Each booklet of ten stamps sells for SEK 70 and each First day cover sells for SEK 19. The Stamps were designed by Vince Reochardt a graduate of the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. The offset printed stamps measure 37.5 by 26.2 mm. To purchase the stamps go to:
http://www.posten.se/c/stamp_issues_2012_charity_stamp_2012_theswedish_cancersocietyVince Reichardt

For the American Cancer Society go to:  http://www.cancer.org/

Monday, January 9, 2012

Taiwan notes 100th anniversary of Tourist Train

The Alishan Forest, with its beautiful natural scenery and rich ecological resources, is a world famous tourist destination. The Beimen to Erwanping section of Alishan Forest Railway officially opened for tourist  traffic on December 25, 1912. Along with the mountains sacred frees, sunrise, sunset, and sea of clouds, the railway is one of the “Five Wonders of Alishan.” The Alishan Forest Railway was once a very busy train track because of previous logging operations on the mountain. With changes to Taiwan’s economic structure, the railway’s role has shifted from a transporter of lumber to a transporter of people. It is a cultural asset that offiers its passengers scenic spots and historical architecture dating from a century ago. To mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of the railway, the Chunghwa Post issued a souvenir sheet on December 25, 2011.

The souvenir sheet has a bright color scheme with mountains and a route map in the background. Four different trains are featured. One of the two stamps features one train pulled by a No.31 steam engine passing through flowering cherry frees (NT$25); and the other, headed by a diesel engine, is coming out of the No.1 tunnel (NT$5). Elsewhere on the sheet there is a train on the No.13 Bridge over the Niuchou River and a train being pulled by the No.25 steam engine. The golden emblem on the upper left corner is the railway’s 100th anniversary seal.

The First Day Cover

The stamp designer for this issue was Tseng Kai-chih. The souvenir sheet was produced by the China Color Printing company, Ltd. The size of the sheet was 140 X 105 mm. The two stamps on the sheet have individual sizes of 40 X 30 mm and have a perforation of 12 1/2.
Special Commemorative Booklet
In addition to the stamp a first day cover was produced as well as a stamp folded. A special commemorative pictorial booklet  containing the souvenir sheet, 6 postal cards showing views of the forest and a special silver foil sea.  The booklet will sell for NT300 a copy.
To take a ride of the train click on the following links.