Sunday, September 23, 2012

ATA Creates Stamp Collecting Module

The American Topical Association (ATA) is producing colorful and interesting modules especially for youth collectors and educators. In recognition of National Stamp Collecting Month in October, the latest 20-page "Topical Tidbits" module is available at

clck here to see the Stamp collecting module

A wide variety of free interesting and educational material for youth is found on the ATA website. Creation of the Topical Tidbit modules supports the "Stamps Teach" project being carried out by the National Postal Museum and the American Philatelic Society.

The Topical Tidbits module on stamp collecting features creative and colorful games, puzzles and quizzes in areas such as Branches of Philately, Other Ways of Collecting, Stamp Collecting Tools, Caring for Stamps, Parts of a Stamp, Types of Stamps, Special Service Stamps, Perfins, U.S. "Firsts," Stamp Oddities, Stamp Nicknames, Famous Stamp Collectors, and a Stamp Fortune Teller. The last page of the module is an answer key to nine different activities presented.

Each Topical Tidbit issue offers an opportunity to earn stamp gifts for prizes. The bi-monthly contest for the current Stamp Collecting module ends on October 31.

Prior issues of Topical Tidbits are available free of charge at the website listed above. They include Penguins on Stamps (17 pages), Fun Foods (21 pages), One World, Many Stamps (47 pages), and Summer Olympics (24 pages). Future issues are planned for Toys and Games, Lunar New Year, Soccer, The Circus, Symbols of the United States, Folk Tales and Christmas Firsts.

ATA Topical Tidbits are good resources for youth leaders and teachers. Additionally, stamp clubs can utilize them at youth tables at shows and promotions. Individual activities can be extracted from the modules for specific lessons or purposes. For instance, "What's My Country" in the One World, Many Stamps issue can be used to teach a lesson on using a stamp identifier.

ATA’s Topical Tidbits is spearheaded by its Director of Youth Activities, MaryAnn Bowman, of Waukesha, Wis. MaryAnn also serves on the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum Council of Philatelists and has long been active in Wisconsin and ATA philatelic activities. Topical Tidbits is produced by educator and ATA member Aimee Devine, of Janesville, Wis.

It is hoped that all philatelists will spread the word to educators and to youths about Topical Tidbits. Ideas and material for future issues are earnestly sought. Please direct them to the ATA Office.

For additional information about Topical Tidbits or about the ATA  write to: ATA, PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008 USA or you can Contact Vera Felts at:, 618-985-5100, for further information or for graphics to accompany this article.